Applicability of Force Account Approach in Procurement of Works in Tanzania

Alban Dismas Mchopa


Force account has emerged to be an important procurement method in public procurement due to its potentials towards improving efficiency and cost reduction. As a result, the Government of Tanzania directed force account to be given precedence in the procurement of renovations, repairs, rehabilitation and remodeling works. Despite the potentials and initiatives undertaken, still there is a dilemma on whether most of the stakeholders understand clearly the concept, procedures and practices associated with force account. In response to the observed ambiguities, the study aimed to examine the existing guidelines on force account and practices and thereafter identify challenges experienced in the implementation of force account. The study was guided by cross-sectional surveys design whereby data was collected using key informant interviews, focus group discussions and documentary review. Thereafter, data was analysed using a constant comparative approach through the coding process used for categorising and comparing qualitative data. Findings indicated that the poor performance was attributed by the absence of a standardised force account guideline applicable throughout the country by the respective procuring entities. Also, the legal provisions on force account are insufficient for the sake of enforcing best practices. Therefore, regulatory authorities should ensure that the newly introduced force account guidelines are enforced accordingly so as to improve effectiveness and efficiency. Furthermore, there is a need for continued rigorous training on force account undertakings among stakeholders involved in order to continue improving practices and performance.


Force Account; Public Procurement; Procurement of Works; Procurement Methods

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