Filling the Vacancy for the Position of Vice Head of Regional Head Who Are Inability to Continue to Review with Jurisdictional Aspects

Ragil Kurniawan


In running the regional government, it is undeniable that something will happen that creates a vacancy, in this case there are also many deputy regional heads who quit before their term of office expires, such as resigning, dying from a long-standing illness, and there are also those whose positions are terminated. In Law Number 10 of 2016 concerning the second amendment to Law Number 10 of 2015 concerning the Stipulation of Government Regulation in Lieu of Law Number 1 of 2014 concerning the Election of Governors, Regents and Mayors to become Laws, precisely in the provisions of article 176 paragraph ( 4) who wants to fill the vacancy for the deputy regional head who still has a remaining position of more than 18 (eighteen) months. The absence of a legal norm that limits the maximum time for filling vacancies in the position of deputy regional head is a factor why there is no refilling of the position of deputy regional head in Indonesia.


Position Filling, Deputy Regional Head, Regional Government

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