The Effect of Technology Capacity Concept on Competitiveness in International Trade

Kerim Tolgahan Narin


For countries to produce products with high added value in international trade, they must integrate their technological competencies into their production systems. In addition, innovative technologies are one of the most important factors for firms and organizations that produce high-value-added products competing in the international market to be one step ahead of their competitors in the market. In the world, consumer behavior and expectations are changing very rapidly due to cultural transformations with the “next-gen culture” realities.Firms and organizations that carry out production and manufacturing activities in the international markets should integrate these dynamic customer expectations and requests into their processes in the fastest way, but with high technology. In addition to this situation, manpower and working culture also emerge as the most important concepts for the organization to benefit from the relevant technological investments at the maximum level. At this point, the concept of technology capacity emerges. The concept of technology capabilities can be used to differentiate or explain the organization's efficiency and capabilities against its competitors as many organizations did previously using different concepts: current production capacity, quality certifications, manpower capacity, and quality incompetence. In addition to this situation, it can be positioned as a new concept that firms that want to use these investments made by the field of technology in the market as a distinguishing factor in the field of competition, should measure within their existing organizations.


Technology Capacity, Innovation, Change Management, International Trade, Industry 4.0, Artificial Intelligence, Firm Valuation

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