Prevalence, Causes and Treatment of the Criminal Offense of Theft According to the Criminal Legislation of the Republic of Kosovo

Alban Kryezi


The Constitution of the Republic of Kosovo determines that the right of property is guaranteed and arbitrary deprivation of property is prohibited. Crime against property includes the acts of misappropriation of another's property by violence, acts of damage to another's property without legally justifiable motives, changing the property of another without his permission or knowledge, etc. This paper tries to give a general illustration on the crimes committed against property, the forms of commission and the punishments carried out according to the relevant laws. Through this investigation, an attempt is made to give a clearer meaning of the term theft from a professional and social perspective. To achieve the required results a questionnaire consisting of several questions was used, most of which contained alternatives with the possibility of multiple choices. The questionnaire is distributed and monitored online. the research method is quantitative through which the data will be interpreted in such a way as to obtain numerical values about the various aspects related to the act of theft. The frequency of thefts in Kosovo takes a numerical value above eighty percent of all surveyed cases. Acts of illegally taking the property of another individual in the Republic of Kosovo are more pronounced during the summer season. The material goods that are most often stolen in the Republic of Kosovo are coins and gold. Technological devices and household appliances, especially mobile telephones, are the second most stolen category in Kosovo. In Kosovo, even personal cars are subject of theft in a smaller percentage. Fewer thefts in the Republic of Kosovo are committed on domestic animals. Thieves in Kosovo commit the act of illegally taking another's property in most cases secretly and the most frequent places in which the act of theft is committed in Kosovo are private houses or apartments. Most of the theft cases in Kosovo do not have a perpetrator discovered by the Kosovo justice authorities. The main cause of theft in Kosovo is the lack of suitable economic conditions and the financial crisis.


Theft, Property Right, Stolen Property, Perpetrators

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