Employee Job Satisfaction According to Education Level, Age and Work Experience

M. Çağrı Pehlivanoğlu


In today's corporate environment, employee job satisfaction is essential to business performance. Job satisfaction may be influenced by a variety of employee demographic factors, and the potential outcomes require numerous sector-specific studies in the field. This study investigates the differences that might be created by a set of individual demographic variables such as job education level, age, and work experience on employees' job satisfaction. The Job Satisfaction Index created by Brayfield & Rothe (1951) and shortened by Judge et al. (1998) was utilized as the measurement tool. Convenience sampling was used to distribute the questionnaires to employees serving as store salespeople in the retail sector. 350 questionnaires were collected in total and 315 valid questionnaires were taken into final analysis. The variables were examined using the ANOVA, and Tukey tests. As the result of the analysis, it was observed that age and work experience do not cause any difference in the average job satisfaction scores of employees, but education level does. According to the research sample, the participants' job satisfaction scores differ depending on whether they have a university education or not. Employees with a university education have relatively lower job satisfaction average scores than employees without a university education. The study provides several suggestions for retail organizations on people management and recommendations for future researchers regarding the analysis of demographic variables.


Job Satisfaction, Education Level, Age, Work Experience

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