Cloud Computing Integrated Multi-Factor Authentication Framework Application in Logistics Information Systems

Zeynel Erdi Karabulut, Mustafa Cem Kasapbaşı



As new technology enables firms to perform many daily processes easier the need of authentication and authorization process is becoming an integral part of many businesses. Also mobile applications are very popular nowadays play an important role in our lives. Such demands are not only limited to Logistics Information Systems (LIS) but many field of information system as well. In this study multi-dimensional authentication which consist of online biometric face detection integrated as cloud computing software as a Service (SaaS), Near Field Communication (NFC) card authentication, location confirmation, and temporal data confirmation are gathered together to fulfill different scenarios of authentication needs of business. Microsoft Face API (Application Program Interface, SAAS (software as a service) has been used in face recognition module of developed mobile application. The face recognition module of the mobile application has been tested with Yale Face Database. Location, temporal data and NFC card information are collected and confirmed by the mobile application for authentication and authorization. These images were tested with our facial recognition module and confusion matrices were created. The accuracy of the system after the facial recognition test was found to be 100%. NFC card, location and temporal data authentication not only further increases security level but also fulfils many business authentication scenarios successfully. To the best of our knowledge there is no other authentication model other than implemented one that has a-4-factor confirmation including biometric face identification, NFC card authentication, location confirmation and temporal data confirmation.



Logistic Information Systems, Biometric, Authentication, Mobile

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