Cause and Consequence of Rural-Urban Migration: Evidence from Hosanna Town, Snnpr, Ethiopia

Temesgen Mitiku, Negese Tamirat Mulatu


This study aims at examining the major push and pull factors which cause rural urban migration to Hosanna town and its effect on the socio-economic condition of non-migrants and migrants in destination. A cross – sectional field survey was conducted among 196 respondents from four selected kebeles in Hosanna town during 2019. For the study both primary and secondary sources of data were used. Descriptive statistics and econometric methods were employed for data analysis. Descriptive analysis was applied to discuss the behavior of rural urban migration in the study area and performed using frequencies, figures, graphs, percentage, means, standard deviation, maximum and minimum values. While the econometric analysis was employed to identify variables that affect rural urban migration and to evaluate the effect on the socio-economic condition of non-migrants and migrants. The regression results of Probit model estimation raveled that family size, gender (being male), age; unemployment, poor education status, land owning and inadequate income were significantly push factors from the rural area whereas marital status (being unmarried), expected income in urban, short distance, education level and relative’s dwellers at receiving area are significantly pull factors in the study area. The study also revealed that putting pressure on social service and housing, increasing urban unemployment, rising of living cost, expansion of informal sector and unplanned urban expansion were the main impact in the town. Policies aimed at reducing rural-urban migration should focus on job creating on farm and non-farm activities, provision of social service and amenities in rural area. Hence, provision of facilities and amenities, job creation and proper urban managements should be needed in the town.


Cause, Consequence, Rural-Urban Migration, Probit Regression Model, Hosanna

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