Progress of Regional Economic Integration in East Africa

Abdulmalik Abukar Yusuf


East African countries are deeply committed to adopting and implementing regional integration initiatives, which are viewed as a common approach for the region's growth. At the regional level, the main goal is to create the Economic Community as the sixth and final stage of integration, which includes increasing inter-sectoral coordination and establishing regional free trade zones, common market, economic union, and monetary union spanning the entire continent. In this article, we will look at their priorities, major accomplishments, and problems, as well as the progress achieved in the integration process and the threats it faces. The theoretical section of this research was carried out in Africa, specifically East Africa. The research data came from articles and document analysis. There were also secondary sources used. The research is one of the first to evaluate integration areas in East Africa that could lead to faster integration. It assists organizations such as IGAD, COMESA, and EAC in revising or reassessing their strategies, as well as their institutional weaknesses and strengths, in order to achieve their integration objective successfully.


Regional Economic integration, trade, Regional integration

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