Settling Society’s Stigma of Covid–19 Vaccination Program in Indonesia

Margareta Sevilla Rosa Angelin


The purpose of this paper is to determine how stigma or views as well as the public response to the vaccination program COVID - 19 conducted by the government as a form of efforts to accelerate countermeasures pandemic COVID - 19 in Indonesia. The problems that arise as a result of the pandemic in Indonesia and throughout the world are not small and easy problems to solve. The problems that arise have an impact on various areas of life. Starting from the health sector which is certainly the main problem, humanity, community welfare, and of course a very serious problem has a very big impact on the country, namely economic problems. So that the whole world is competing to immediately deal with various problems that occur as a result of this pandemic, including the Indonesian government. One of the world's efforts, including Indonesia, is seeking to accelerate the prevention of this pandemic by vaccinating all the citizens, with the aim that although the COVID-19 virus may not currently have a cure, at least by being vaccinated, a person can have a more supportive immune system to prevent exposure the corona virus. Based on the facts obtained directly from the field as well as several reading sources, this research was able to find a common ground that could then offer a solution so that there was no difference of understanding between the intent of the legislation made by the Indonesian government regarding the COVID-19 vaccination program and the expectations of the people who have negative assumptions about the COVID-19 vaccination.


COVID-19, Indonesian Government , Pandemic, Prevention, Vaccination

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