Importance and Application Examples of Service Export Insurance

Figen Şanlıer, İsmet Kahraman Arslan


This study has been prepared in order to research the forms of application of the Service Export Insurance product on the basis of countries in the world, to determine who prefers this product and in which situations it is applied. Another aim of the study is to research how it can be applied to economic activities in the most efficient way in our country's own dynamics. Service exports in Turkey were included in the coverage of receivables insurance by Turk Eximbank in 2021. The purpose of this insurance is to protect the forward receivables formed by exporting services against commercial and political risks in order to encourage and develop service exports. In the study, the applications of export credit institutions operating in the global market were researched with the literature review method, and based on these examples, suggestions were made by Turk Eximbank about improvements in existing applications and new applications that are not currently available. In consequence of review of the studies in the field of export, it has been seen that there are studies in different fields, but academic studies on service insurance in exports are very limited, and therefore, it is aimed to bring a study to the literature with this study. (This study was produced from a doctoral thesis.)




Service, Service Export, Service Export Insurance, Export Credit Agency

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