Role of Environmental Uncertainty in the Effect of Innovativeness and Sustainability in Supply Chain on a Company’s Performance

Demet Soylu, Figen Yıldırım


The acceleration of industrialization in parallel with the increasing world population has facilitated humanity’s use of natural resources in an extravagant, uncontrolled and even ruthless manner. Sustainability is a philosophy that aims to put an end to this tendency, ensure that these resources are used in a more controlled manner, and minimize, or if possible, eliminate damage on the nature. It is essential for organizations, especially export companies, to determine the maturity levels in sustainable supply chain approach and make the necessary improvements in order to achieve competitive advantage. As a result of digitalization, enterprises, which establish the right partnership relationship management scenarios create competitive advantages for themselves.  In this study, the importance of innovation even in an environment of uncertainty and the contribution of sustainable supply chain management on the exporter performance was analysed. The study is developed based on the question: “What is the role of environmental certainty or innovativeness in the relationship between sustainable supply chain management and the exporter company performance?”  


Innovativeness, Supply Chain

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