Opportunities and Threats Analysis of Industry 4.0 under the Concept: Neo-Ludism

Mücahit Civriz, Sabri Öz


Industrial revolutions have played very important roles on the business world, the public and non-governmental organizations, which are defined as the third sector today, and have caused differences. The first industrial revolution and the fourth revolution at the beginning of the twenty-first century, in terms of leaving a structural and lasting impact, leave more radical traces than the others. In terms of both revolutions, "technological unemployment" and "technological unemployment anxiety", which are the most important macro variables, are common aspects. Every industrial revolution has social, economic, political, technological, legal and environmental effects. In this study, by making a literature review on technological unemployment, which is one of the most important parameters of the social and economic factors created by Industry 4.0, which is known as the fourth industrial revolution and still continues its process in the period of this study, strengths and weaknesses are discussed, opportunities and threats are evaluated and a SWOT analysis was made. By working on new business models, the concept of neo-Ludimz was introduced with a different perspective.


Industrial Revolution, Industry 4.0, Luddism, Neo-Luddism, New Business Models, Technological Unemployment

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