Digital Transformation Processes of Manufacturing Enterprises in Organized Industrial Zones: The Effect of Digital Transformation on Competitiveness in International Trade

Adem Kayar, İbrahim Baz


Today, enterprises producing in every sector are looking for ways to increase efficiency and quality in their manufacturing processes. In the globalizing world economy, competition conditions are increasing day by day, and the cost of each product produced is monitored and kept under control. Most of the manufacturing enterprises operate in Organized Industrial Zones (OIZ). OIZ, in order to ensure the structuring of the industry in suitable areas, to direct urbanization, to prevent unplanned industrialization and environmental problems, to use the resources rationally, to place the industrial types within the scope of a certain plan, to establish certain laws in the necessary administrative, social and technical infrastructure areas within the zoning plans of the previously determined land plots. It refers to the production regions of goods and services that are operated in accordance with the provisions of the law. It is observed that manufacturing enterprises operating in OIZ regions face difficulties in digital transformation processes. These challenging processes can cause many manufacturing businesses not to switch to digital transformation. However, with the right planning and management of the manufacturing enterprises in the OIZ, the digital transformation processes will be much easier, faster and less costly. Manufacturing enterprises that complete their digital transformation processes gain advantages over their competitors in international trade in terms of performance and productivity gains. In this study, the digital transformation processes of the manufacturing enterprises in the OIZs will be examined, and the difficulties experienced, the application methods and the advantages provided after digital transformation will be discussed. It is aimed to contribute to the digital transformation processes of manufacturing enterprises located in other OIZs by examining the application methods of digital transformation in an exemplary manufacturing enterprise in detail. The advantages of manufacturing companies that have successfully completed digital transformation and their impact on competitiveness in international trade will be examined.


Industry 4.0, Digital Transformation in Industry, Organized Industrial Zones, Production Systems

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