A Study on the OSH Performance Model in Coal-Fired Thermal Power Plants

Nagihan Ersoy, Nuri Bingöl, İsmail Ekmekçi


Coal-fired Thermal Power Plants (CTPP) consist of many sections that are risky in terms of occupational safety. CTPP are also important part of electrical Energy Logistics systems. Then it is of great importance to examine which parts of complex systems such as coal-fired thermal power plants are more important in terms of occupational health and safety. CTPP are divided into nine main sections as coal parking area, ash and slag disposal facility, boiler maintenance service, mechanical workshop, measurement and control service, turbine maintenance service, technical office, tea and rest room and use of company vehicles section. In this paper, a weighting and ranking study has been conducted in terms of risk analysis of nine departments in CTPP. For this purpose, accident statistics according to years were obtained from an actively working CTPP, and the results obtained with AHP and the risk significance weight values were compared with these results. Since CTPP are very complicated and complex structures, it is of great importance to determine the risk levels of the departments more significantly and objectively from the point of view of OHS. From this point of view, CTPP were analyzed for the first time within the scope of OHS with the Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP), which is a multi-criteria decision-making (MCDM) method. According to the findings obtained in our study, coal parking area, ash slag disposal facility and boiler maintenance service were determined as the most risky sections in terms of OHS. With this study, a more effective assessment can be made in terms of OHS for CTPP, so that work accidents will be reduced, energy production will be carried out in a safer and more sustainable way.


AHP, Coal-Fired Thermal Power Plants, MCDM, Energy Logistics

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