Globalization Impact on Advertising: Theories and Strategies in Global Markets

Neginsadat Bekheir Nia, Sharareh Najafi


This article titled “Globalization impact on advertising: Theories and strategies in global markets. The authors provide an overview of globalization and its impact on the global economy, including the advertising sector. The article analyzes several key concepts related to advertising and globalization, such as cultural sensitivity, new technology usage, and the demand for global market research. To develop effective advertising approaches for the global market, the writers stress the need of having a thorough awareness of the cultural and economic traditions of other nations. The AIDA model, Hierarchy of Effects Model, Elaboration Likelihood Model and Social Learning Theory, are just a few of the advertising models covered in the article that give the theoretical underpinnings for comprehending how advertising influences consumer behavior. Extensive market research is frequently used in global advertising to gain insights into the distinct requirements and preferences of consumers in various regions. This empowers advertisers to create messages that proficiently convey the unique value proposition of their brand. Overall, this article gives insights for marketers to successfully traverse the global market and shines light on how the advertising environment is changing in the age of globalization.


Globalization, Global Markets

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