The United Republic of Tanzania and Conventions on Carriage of Passengers, Cargo and Baggage by Air Aviation: A Historical Study

Moh'd Masoud Khartoum


Transportation of both passengers and goods, in URT, has become a very important and paramount issue since the inception and commencement of the air aviation law in URT and the world in general. Several attempts have been made by partners’ states, that in the beginning, started and initiated a milestone journey to the point where the aviation law regime has reached today. The enactment of international laws governing the aviation industry had gone through several stages. With several challenges encountered and evidenced for several years, transportation of passengers and goods has become a must and paramount. URT as a party to several international air rules and Conventions, aircraft from within and outside URT, have utilized both domestic as well international conventions in ensuring that passengers and goods are transported within and all over the world and their safety and life are well safeguarded through air laws applicable within URT. This research article is aimed at examining various international conventions applicable to URT. The article generally attempts at showing the historical evidence on the carriage of passengers through various conventions to which URT is a party, and how transportation of passengers and goods has become possible. The research article also covers the issues of liabilities for air carriers operating in URT with a special focus on the Conventions that are applicable in URT and the extent of compensation that those Conventions guarantee as a result of personal or bodily injuries or loss of passengers’ goods that seem to be harmonized with current domestic aviation laws in URT.  


Aviation, International Air Law, Carriage, Goods, Passengers, Baggage

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