Impact of Social Media Storytelling on Moroccan Consumer Behavior

Haitham Nahi, Evrim İldem Develi


This article explores the impact of social media storytelling on the behavioral patterns of Moroccan consumers, through four key hypotheses related to purchase intention and its drivers. This study makes the claim that social media storytelling, emotional appeal, usage frequency and alignment with normative beliefs jointly impact the purchase intention of Moroccan consumers. A representative sample of 300 Moroccan participants was given the opportunity to fill out a survey comprising 20 questions. After that, a thorough analysis using SPSS software was conducted on the obtained dataset. The empirical findings show strong evidence of the influence that social media storytelling has on Moroccan consumer behavior, validating all four assumptions. In summary, this study underscores the critical function of social media storytelling in shaping Moroccan consumers’ decision-making, notably in purchases. The findings hold practical relevance for marketers seeking to influence Moroccan consumer behavior and can help them improve their strategies in the Moroccan market.


Social media marketing, storytelling marketing, consumer behavior, purchase intention

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