Transparency and Procurement Performance in Local Government Institutions in Uganda

Catherine Masudio, Alban Dismas Mchopa, Ismail Abdi Changalima


A critical necessity for effective competitive selection is that the procurement process must be clear and visible to all stakeholders. This transparency is crucial as it fosters confidence among potential bidders across different levels, ultimately enhancing procurement performance. This research aimed to assess how transparency impacts the procurement performance of local government institutions. The study utilized a case study design and employed purposive and simple random sampling methods to select 80 respondents from Moyo District Local Government (MDLG). Qualitative data was analyzed through content analysis, while quantitative data was assessed using descriptive statistics and a multiple regression model. Findings indicated that publication of procurement plan and budget was significant to at β=0.258, P<0.05.  Access to key procurement information was significant at β=0.193, p<0.05. Open communication was also significant at β=0.169, p<0.05. The study concluded that ensuring transparency while conducting procurement processes improves performance in terms of cost optimization and purchase of quality products which are delivered on time. The study recommended MDLG to provide timely and sufficient information to the public and other stakeholders most especially about upcoming contracts and status of ongoing procurement processes through publication on public notice boards and online government procurement portals for easy accessibility.


Transparency; Procurement; Performance of procurement; Local Government Authorities; Uganda

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