The Application of Maternal Gender Equality in the Home

Meisin Lasna Maulida, Wiwik Afifah


Gender equality is equality between men and women in fulfilling their rights and obligations. Gender equality should be applied in every sphere between men and women. The implementation of gender equality is still rarely implemented in household life, especially between mothers and fathers. One way to implement gender equality is by helping wives before and after giving birth. However, in practice it is still difficult to realize because a father's main duty is as the backbone of the family. Fathers work to meet the family's needs, but in implementing this to fulfill equal rights, there are obstacles in implementing leave. The obstacle in implementing leave lies in the differences in obtaining leave rights between male workers. Differences in income from leave rights occur between private employees and Civil Servants (PNS). The right to maternity leave for fathers, also known as paternity leave, also applies in other countries. This right to leave is considered important because the father's role in his child has a big influence on growth and development and minimizes the mother's exposure to baby blues after giving birth. The aim of this writing is to find out how important the role of fathers is for children and wives and the realization of gender equality in the household. So, the father's role can be realized in accordance with the obligations that should be implemented in the household and his leadership. The research method used in this research is normative juridical using a statutory approach and a conceptual approach. The existence of the right to paternity leave for fathers makes it a relevant policy in every company or place of work for every male worker to obtain this right.


Regulation, Gender Equality, Leave Rights

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