Synchronization of Logistics Drivers for Optimizing Supply Chain Operations in Tanzania: A Descriptive Survey

Barnabas Bitta Maagi


The purpose of this study was to assess on use of synchronized logistics drivers towards optimized supply chain operations by using Tanzania among the developing country as a case study. On methodology, the study employed descriptive survey design and population of the study involved registered logistics service providers in Tanzania whose list were obtained from Tanzania Revenue Authority’s data base. Quantitative data from 126 respondents were analyzed by using descriptive analysis presented in form of frequency and percentages and also the relationships between synchronized logistics drivers and optimized supply chain operations were tested by using correlation analysis. The results indicate that majority of respondents agreed on the role of synchronized logistics drivers towards optimization in supply chain operations whereby after testing the results by using regression model the information system variable was found significant among the three tested variables (p = 0.002). The study concluded that synchronized information systems play significant role in achieving optimized supply chain operations thus the study implication on practice and social is that synchronization of logistics drivers will enhance optimization in supply chain operations. On originality, most of the past reviewed studies have concentrated on the aspect of synchro modality which is one component of logistics driver (modes of transport); this study establishes a new foundation by studying synchronization in the inclusion of more logistic drivers in supply chain operations (information, transport and warehousing).  


Synchronization, Logistics Drivers, Optimization, Supply Chain

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