Role and Importance of Big Data Usage in Gaining Competitive Advantage

Arzu Atayurt


In today's rapidly digitalizing commercial world, the e-commerce sector is becoming more and more valuable. Big data lies at the heart of this change and development. E-commerce businesses use big data to understand and evaluate consumer behavior and market variables. Our study focuses on the effects of using big data in e-commerce on the business in gaining competitive power. Studies show that e-commerce businesses can increase customer satisfaction and plan their products and services in accordance with market expectations by predicting consumer wants and needs more effectively and quickly with big data analysis. The value-added information obtained with big data helps the business to quickly adapt to competitiveness and market conditions. In this context, it is important to explain the effects of the use of big data in e-commerce on the competitiveness of businesses, to the business environment. The importance of processing the data, causing the data to gain an economic value, and then analyzing the results in the best way possible is evident. Within the framework of the issues addressed in this study, a comprehensive literature review is presented on the potential application and impact areas of big data in e-commerce businesses and the advantages it provides in achieving competitiveness.


E-commerce, big data, competitive advantage

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