Employer Branding Practices In Digital Area

Merve Temel, Emel Esen


Companies that aware of employees are the most important resource are developing employer branding practices that create a "best place to work” perception day by day. Today, social media platforms have become an important area for companies that want to increase the awareness of employer brands and reach large masses faster and more cost-effectively. This study aims to examine the practices of companies that reflect employer branding in the digital area. In the research, the accounts of 6 companies selected among the in Universum's research to determine the best employers in 2022 on Instagram, one of the most active platforms of social media, were examined; the posts were handled contextually and the practices reflecting the employer brand and the messages desired to be given were tried to be determined and the number of interactions were discussed. Content analysis method was used as the most appropriate method to determine the content of the companies' posts that reveal the employer brand and the practices discussed in these contents and to interpret the data obtained as a whole. Employee expectations identified in the "Employee Priorities and Preferences" research conducted by PwC in 2020, the employer brand dimensions (economic, interest-benefit, application, development, social-value, work-life balance and corporate social responsibility) identified within the scope of the research conducted by Berthon et al. in 2005 and Tanwar and Prasad in 2016 were analyzed and interpreted. In addition, when the posts are analyzed, it is seen that they can reach large audiences with likes, comments or views.


Employer Branding, Digitalization, Social Media, Employee Expectations

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