Application of Blockchain Technology in the Supply Chain Management Process: Case Studies

Sabri Öz, Hüseyin Emre Gören


With the development of technology, new approaches have been used in industry, agriculture and services sector. The remaining sectors in technological factors remain behind in competition. Within the 7R of logistics, each area is disadvantaged. In order to turn these negative conditions into a positive situation in all three sectors, the futuristic approaches should be closely monitored by all sector and corporate managers. In this study, we focus on the use of blockchain technology, which is a relatively new concept and used in limited areas, in the supply chain management process. In the first part, both the supply chain and the blockchain technology are conceptually expressed and introduced. In the last section, examples are included and evaluations are expressed. The study is in the form of case studies and observations review


Supply Chain, Blockchain, Supply Chain Management, Tekno Logistics.

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