The Effect of Intercultural Interaction on the Glocalization of Döner Kebab

Arzan Dilek Bozkurt, İsmet Kahraman Arslan


Intercultural communication has grown in significance as a result of globalization. By influencing the cultural diversity of goods and services globally, this process has helped to recognize and spread local cultures on a global scale. In this context, glocalization is an example of cross-cultural interaction involving a global product like döner kebab. The döner kebab is a well-known fast-food item that is consumed in various local adaptations in every country, reflecting the rich diversity of cultural traditions and culinary preferences. In addition to emphasizing the subjective experiences, such as taste, smell, and tactile sensations that shape our worldviews from a phenomenological perspective, this article highlights the entry of döner kebab into the process of glocalization through cross-cultural interaction. Therefore, we can better comprehend the intricate interaction between global and local cultures by looking at the sensory experiences of döner kebab during the glocalization process. The case analysis method demonstrates how döner kebab consumption varies by nation and how adaptation affects local culture. The success of döner kebab's glocalization through cross-cultural interaction exemplifies how cultural differences and new culinary traditions are created. An essential framework for comprehending sensory experiences during the consumption and adaptation of döner kebab is provided by phenomenology and case analysis. By highlighting the significance of considering consumers' subjective experiences and the sensory aspects of food in forming global food culture, this approach is helpful in understanding the complex interactions of globalization in the food industry.


Glocalization, Globalization, Local Food, Döner Kebab, Fast Food

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