Analysis of Trade Relations of Bosnia and Herzegovina within CEFTA

Mirza Kulenović


As a member of CEFTA, Bosnia and Herzegovina is trading with other countries in accordance with the principles of this organization since 2007. The subject of this paper is to analyse the trade relations of B&H within the CEFTA countries in the period from 2013 - 2015. As an analysis tool used is a modified Balassa RCA index for analysing the competitiveness of industry in B&H in comparison to other Member States. Analysing the top 10 export tariffs in comparison with other CEFTA countries, individual results showed that B&H is competitive in major export industries (in all cases over 50% of the top 10 export products is competitive), but, on the other hand, B&H has recorded constant aggregate deficit compared to other countries.


CEFTA, Bosnia and Herzegovina, modified RCA index, trade relations, export

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